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At VertCité, we offer a quality range of ecological, local, and fair-trade household, body, food and gardening products.
Many of our products are available in bulk. We like this format because it encourages clients to reuse empty containers.

Thank you for bringing your containers, ideally transparent to facilitate the filling!


Please note that Pierrefonds-Roxboro offers a limited range of products. For a more complete selection, go to the St. Laurent eco-boutique or visit our online store. To ensure the availability of a product, contact us at 514-744-8333 #101.

Personal hygiene products

  • toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • face cream
  • liquid and solid soaps for hands and body
  • liquid and solid shampoos and conditioners
  • make-up remover pads
  • deodorants

Household products

  • liquid laundry detergent
  • fabric softener and stain remover
  • dishwashing liquid, dishwashing cake, dishwasher tablets and gel
  • multi-purpose liquid and tablet cleaners
  • dishwashing brushes and knobs with refillable heads
  • dryer balls

Basic products – DIY

  • 12% household vinegar
  • baking soda
  • sodium percarbonate
  • black soap

Compost Bags

We sell paper bags for the municipal collection of organic waste. BAG TO EARTH is an Ontario company that manufactures 100% paper and 100% compostable food waste bags. These sturdy bags facilitate the collection of kitchen waste and decompose to disappear completely into the ground.

Urban agriculture

You will find in our store all the necessary material to start your seedlings as well as natural products to fertilize your vegetable garden:

  • organic seeds
  • trays, transparent domes and multicells
  • chicken manure
  • liquid algae
  • fish emulsion
  • sticky insect traps
  • urban gardening container with water reserve


We offer a range of CAFÉ CÉLESTE coffees in bulk, which you can grind at our store. These fair-trade and organic coffees are delicious.

  • Classic Espresso, medium-bodied black
  • Dark Espresso, ultra-bodied nectar
  • Kaf-Mambo, extra-bodied smoked
  • Montréalaise, french roasting
  • Salvaterra, black deca


  • BIONATURE offers a range of ECOLOGO certified products for your home and body. These locally produced soaps can be used without fear of their impact on the environment.
  • FLONETTE is a range of zero waste household products for dishes, created by Florence-Léa Siry, an expert in the fight against food waste and waste reduction.
  • OLA BAMBOO is a Quebec company that aims to replace everyday plastic objects with a more sustainable and compostable solution: bamboo.
  • ONEKA is a Quebec company that creates nourishing skin and hair care products from certified organic plant and herb extracts. As a result, their products are easily biodegradable and do not contribute to the pollution of our waterways.
  • PURE is a Quebec brand that offers ecological bulk cleaners for your family and your home.
  • ROSE CITRON is a Quebec company that is a pioneer in zero waste cosmetics. Rose Citron cosmetics are handmade, natural, eco-friendly and affordable.
  • THE SOAP WORKS is a Canadian brand that offers naturel bar soaps. They are waste-free and gentle on the skin.
  • The TOURNE-SOL cooperative farm offers seeds certified organic by Ecocert Canada and grown in Quebec.


The boroughs of Saint-Laurent and Pierrefonds-Roxboro subsidize a multitude of environmentally-friendly products that residents can purchase at reduced costs.


Saint-Laurent subsidizes an array of products to offer them at the lowest prices to residents:

  • Rain barrel ($22)
  • Domestic composter ($22)
  • Squirrel-proof bird feeder ($53)
  • Growing pot 5 gallons with saucer ($5.25)

To purchase any of these products, simply contact the éco-quartier Saint-Laurent to reserve the desired product. Once your order is delivered to our point of service, we will call you to pick it up (proof of residence is required).


Pierrefonds-Roxboro subsidizes several products in order to offer them to its residents at a reduced price:

  • Home composters ($35)
  • Rain barrels ($75)

To purchase these products, simply head to the Pierrefonds-Roxboro eco-quartier with an ID document confirming your address.